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What is the Best Link to Use on Your Social Media Profile

What’s the best link to use on your social media profile?

If you can’t decide if you should put your website link, booking link, bio-link, a youtube link, blog post link, freebie link, what-not link, on your social media profile… Keep on reading.

Today, I want to talk about one of the common questions I get from new coaches…

which link they should use for their social media profiles and if they should use a bio-link.

We’ll talk about what a bio-link is and then I’m going to explain different strategies and different links to use from my unbiased perspective. 

In the end, I’m gonna give you my personal recommendation about which link is the best link to use for your social media profile. 

So let’s start. 

What is a bio-link? 

A bio link is a link, that when you click on it, you go to a single page that has multiple buttons. Each button is taking you to a different offer, a different platform or a link. Sounds great. Right? 

One of the most common apps you may know is Lintree. So you may be familiar with that. 

However, as a bonus tip, I’ll explain to you what is my favorite way of creating a bio link at the end of this video. 

So make sure to watch it until the end. 

Now that we know what a bio-link is, let’s talk about different links we can put on the social media profiles that we have. 

What links to use for your social media profile?

Best Link to Use on Your Social Media Profile

It all depends on what you’re focusing on and your strategy at the time. 

Let me explain, let’s say you are focusing on building a Youtube channel and you want more people to subscribe to your Youtube channel.

So if that’s what you’re focusing on then I would put each new video’s link on my social media profile. After that, I can create social media content to send my reach to the new video that I make every day. 

And of course, give them a call to action saying subscribe to my channel. 

Same for the blog. I would put the new blog post link each time. Send traffic from my social media to the blog post. If my intent is to send traffic to my blog.

If the intent is brand awareness or brand recognition, sure, you can put your website link on there. 

If you are in the lead generation phase or list building, then you can put your freebie link. 

If you already have a big following, then you can put your bio- link on your social media profile

So that your following, can go and check all the links out. 

Now. Why do I say that?

The number one reason is, when you put a bio link, that means that you are given multiple calls to action to your leads. 

You know me, I always preach about giving one call to action. And the reason is so that they don’t have too many different decisions to make. 

Call it buyers psychology or call it human nature if you want to. But we tend to go into the analysis paralysis mode when we’re given too many options. 

Because the content consumers’ attention span is very short, we want to give them one call to action. So that they can go to that link and do what we ask them to do instead of sitting there and picking out. 

Should I look at the freebie? Should I look at the Youtube channel? Should I look at the blog? Should I? 

That’s why, in my opinion, it’s better if you put just one link there. This way you’re giving one call to action. Your engagement and conversion would be a lot higher than giving multiple options. 

No, unless if you have a big following. This may work a lot better with someone who has a bigger following than someone who has a smaller social media account.

Before I tell you my personal opinion, I’ll tell you

What’e the best link to put on your social media profile?

If you decide to use a bio link and you can watch my Youtube video that I made about this before showing you step by step. It’s a tutorial showing you step by step how you can create a bio link in your domain. 

This way, you are actually driving traffic to your domain because every time someone clicks on that link tree link, then they’re driving traffic to unless someone clicks on one of the other buttons that you have there.

But if you create a bio link in your own domain, every time someone clicks on that link, even if they decide not to click on any other options. You get traffic to your own domain. 

Now, time for my personal recommendation…

Unless you are launching a new offer and that’s what you need to promote, whatever strategy or whatever you’re focusing on at the time, I would recommend you to put the link to your lead magnet on your social media profile. 

The reason why is because if you capture their email address, you can promote anything you want, whatever stage, whatever season of your launch campaign you’re in. 

You can do anything you want. Brand awareness, brand recognition. You can do a Youtube channel. You can get more subscribers to your blog post or eyes on your blog post… Anything you’re promoting, you can go through your email list.

 So that’s why I always recommend you to have an evergreen social media strategy meaning referring your reach to your email list. 

And that way you can turn them into warm leads and that way you can turn them into clients. So that’s why that’s my recommendation. 

What’s the Best Way to Create a Bio-Link

Now bonus step, if you decide to use a bio link… The first click on that link that traffic goes to that app unless they click on one of the other links that go to your links. 

So in order to prevent this from happening, create a single page in your own domain. 

You can do this by using Put your own buttons there so that you can take them to different offers with each button. 

At the same time, as soon as they click on this link, that traffic comes to your domain. This is going to help you build your domain authority as well. 

And if you want to learn how to do this is a very simple way of doing this on camera. I have a Youtube video tutorial for you. So, you can watch it, and step by step, you can go through and create your bio link if you want to use that option. 

Always think about your efforts counting permanently instead of temporarily. 

So bring them to your email lists, make them your asset as a lead who turns into a quality leads that turns into a client in the end. 

Let me know what the most helpful information was today in this video for you in the comments below, and I’ll see you next time.

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