Evergreen Sales Funnel: The Ultimate Evergreen System to Get Warm Leads

What is an Evergreen Sales Funnel

The evergreen sales funnel is one of the main aspects of the online marketing industry.

To have a better understanding of how a sales funnel works, imagine a real-world funnel, and its use. So, when you think of a real-world funnel, you’ll obviously see a top layer where you put stuff, and then all stuff goes down to the bottom pipe of the funnel. This real-world funnel process similarly happens in the digital funnel.

How Does an Evergreen Sales Funnel Work

Sales funnel is a step taken by anyone who would eventually become your client. The sales funnel has a top layer where your visitor enters, though the only difference is, not all go down the pipe.

This same funneling process plays a role in every business, in one way or the other. 

Your sales funnel could be a:

  • Lead Magnet
  • eBook
  • Course
  • Sales page
  • Newsletter

In fact, any marketing channel can be part of your sales funnel! And not only that, you can even spread your funnel across several platforms.

Why Evergreen Sales Funnels are Important

With the sales funnels, you will understand your clients’ journey and the thoughts of your potential clients. Because your sales funnel is the path your leads take.

You can invest in the right marketing strategies and platforms by using the analytics data of your sales funnel. Every step of the funnel you will have a clear message that will speak specifically to your ideal client. And this will turn your leads into paying clients.

Sales Funnel Stages

Stage 1. Awareness

The first stage of the sales funnel is called the “awareness” level because it’s where people first become aware of your product or service. 

Awareness is the stage where you primarily catch a potential client’s attention. In other words, the awareness stage is more of a courtship. 

You’re trying to convince your prospect into returning to your site and to engage more with your service. 

Stage 2. Interest

Once your prospects become aware of your service, they’ll start to evaluate it based on their level of interest. Then they’ll think about the problem they have and insure if your offering is the best solution.

This is your chance to swoop in with your incredible content that offers them help without sounding too salesy to fuel their interest. 

Stage 3. Decision

The decision stage of the sales funnel is the stage where your customer is now willing to have your service. Now, you surely are on his/her list for the best option. 

Give your best offer. It could be anything that benefits your customer and helps you stand out from the rest. Whatever it is, be sure to make it irresistible.

Stage 4. Action

This stage is the peak of all your works; whether you have conversion or not. Remember that even if they did not convert, it’s not the end. To stay top of mind, try creating nurture campaigns.

Let us know in the comment if you already have a sales funnel and what is your offer.

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