How to Package Your Coaching Offer

How to Package Your Coaching Offer

Are you a business coach? Do you need help with packaging your coaching offer to clients? So, How to Package Your Coaching Offer?

Well, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will share how to package your coaching offer the right way in order to win more high-paying clients. So, let’s get started.

Many people tell you to have different coaching programs priced differently. However, this would only work if you are creating a “value ladder.”

What is a value ladder?

A value ladder is a series of products/services that are priced according to the value offered to customers.Creating a value ladder is a lucrative way for building customer trust at every step of the sales funnel and to turn him/her into a long term customer.

Many business owners make this mistake of pricing their value ladder at a cheap price just to get more customers. However, it doesn’t work this way. You are not trying to get more sales or conversion, you are trying to give away value to those who are the most interested in it. This is why it shouldn’t be sold cheaply or at an affordable rate as this is not the goal.

Don’t give the bank

Another mistake to avoid is to start giving everything at once. This would only confuse the customers and may turn them away. The value ladder is set in place to graduate the customers to the next level i-e the trip wire / lead magnets.

How to Package Your Coaching Offer

Tripwire – The Next Stage of Value Ladder

This is the stage where you give a lead magnet to graduate to your small offer. This small offer is your introduction to a medium or high end offer.

This way you filter your customers and end up graduating the ones that are really interested in the high end offer with the help of a lead magnet or tripwire.

My Own 5 Stage Value Ladder

Just to take an example of my own value ladder, I have divided it in 5 steps.

Free Content:

The first step is where I share free content to create brand awareness for the beginners. This helps the audience to learn what the technical terms are and serves as the foundation of their learning.

Lead Magnet:

Next, is a lead magnet related to writing a high quality sales page. People who are interested in writing a high quality sales page are usually at the product/service launching phase.

Small Offer / SLO:

This is why it makes sense to give them a small offer in the form of a launch planner.

Flagship Offer:

The launch planner then serves as the introduction of my medium or flagship 1 to 1 session. That’s because once they have a launch planner, they may want to scale it up, and that’s where the high-end program comes in.

Pre Qualify Your Leads

The five step process is filtering the leads with every step of the value ladder. In short when it comes to packaging your coaching offer, just think of the value that you will be sharing with clients instead of the price to be able to create a true value ladder.

Once the right value ladder is in place, you will have the right people signing up for your flagship offer in no time!



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