How To Increase Your Conversion Rate with This 1 Trick

Increase Your Conversion Rate; Today I want to share with you, the one trick that helped me increase my conversion rate From 7.1% to 27.7% in less than two weeks.
Make sure to read until the end to learn about the bonus tip I want to share with you.

 The only thing that helped me increase my conversion rate and the strategy that helps my clients increase their conversion rate every time they apply.

How to Increase Your Conversion Rate?

 In order to increase the conversion rate of your entire funnel, you need to first look at each step separately. So that you can find different strategies to increase the conversion rate of each step when it comes to increasing the conversion rate of your funnel. Make

 sure to look at each step separately from the top of the funnel all the way to the bottom of increasing the conversion rate of each step.

When we talk about this, we’re talking about starting from your free content. Either on social media or evergreen content that is free.

 That helps you get traffic to your landing page or opt-in page where you want them to sign up.

 As long as you bring relevant traffic to your landing page or opt-in page since you have a freebie.

Why Shouldn’t They Signup For Your Freebie?

If you think about it, not everybody wants to sign up for everything just because they’re free.

 If you’re bringing relevant traffic to your page, but not that many people are signing up, meaning the conversion rate of your landing page is low.

 The only way to change this is with your copy. Yes, your copy, meaning what you say on your landing page.

 So first, in order to reach the right audience, either on social media content or evergreen content, your copy is the most important thing. So that you can qualify the target audience. Make sure that those are the right people. 

You can send your reach to your landing page first. You got to turn your reach into traffic.

 How do you increase the conversion rate?

Well written content, good video content… These are all about copyrighting any video script.

 You have anything you write on your landing page, anything you write on social media, anything you write on your evergreen content… This is all copy because you’re writing these for marketing purposes to attract more leads and the right leads.

 So once you reach the right relevant, target audience with good copy and once you send them to your landing page or opt-in page for your free offer…

 The Only Reason why you have good relevant traffic to your landing page or opt in page and not that many people are signing up. Is because your copy is not clear or specific enough. 

Meaning, they don’t understand what this is for or what they’re gonna do with it or it’s not really so efficient for them to use. Whatever the offer is for basically, they don’t see the value in this free offer.

 So that’s why they don’t want to sign up because if you’re like me, I don’t want another promo email in my email box, right?

 Like not even in my junk, not even in my promo box. So when I’m signing up for something for free, I want to make sure that it’s something that will really help me.

 Otherwise, I’m not signing up because there are so many different free offers around. Right?

 So how do you make the difference?

 You can only make a difference and you can only increase the conversion rate of those people signing up for your free offer.

 Don’t overthink this!

 We try to give everything so that we are giving were writing, something different, something more attractive.

 We’re trying to be clever and all of that. Right? 

One of my favorite copywriters, Tarzan Kay… She says don’t try to be clever. Be clear with your copy. This is so true.

 Like literally the one and only tip, even if you don’t want to learn much about copywrighting is this. 

 This is the one tip you can take home with you that is writing clear copy. 

So here are three tips to increase the conversion rate with your copy.

 1- Talk about one thing:

 I don’t wanna talk about your vision and mission and business and all the services and products and a bunch of buttons and all of that.

 If this landing pages for one free offer, talk about only that offer. Don’t confuse people and make sure that they understand.

2- Be Clear:

Be very clear transparent with them. Don’t just promise the whole world and the um living

 your best life and all of this stuff right?

 Tell them clearly what they will achieve once they sign up for this offer.

 Okay, it can’t be too much because this is only a lead magnet. Right?

 So you’re going to give them one quick win And what is that quick when just talk about that.

3- Be Specific:

Literally, call out your ideal client on top of your heading.

 Call out your ideal client, tell them who this is for? What is this for?

Because you need to approach it from their eyes.

Talk about the benefit they’re getting by signing up to his offers and make sure to be clear again.

How can you verify that you have a good copy?

I show my copy to someone who’s not my ideal client who’s not my target audience. Someone who’s not even relevant to what I do. I ask them what they think this offer us.

 If I’m getting a clear answer about what they think that this offers for then great.

 But if I’m getting something different than what the offer is for or if I’m getting a bunch of different questions, that means that copy can be improved.

 Okay? So if you get these questions, make notes of these questions so that you can integrate those answers to your copy. Because that means you weren’t clear.

By answering these questions you’re going to clarify your copy so people can understand what it is for and see the real value in signing up for it.

 So when it comes to the bonus step now we talked about the one trick that it will help you increase your conversion rate throughout your funnel. And that is a good copy.

 And we talked about the three tips about writing good copy. These are, talking about one thing being clear and being specific.

Bonus Tip: Optimize Your Page for Mobile

Optimize your page for mobile not only for SEO but also for your client.

 What happened recently was, one of my interns had designed my, one of my landing pages. When I checked it out, the conversion rate wasn’t as high as I would have liked.

 So once I started auditing the page I realized that the mobile and tablet version of the page was not very user friendly.

 So sometimes depending on which website builder you’re using or which platform you have your landing pages opt-in pages on it may not translate.

 The desktop version may not translate to the mobile and tablet versions with a strategic layout.

 Okay, so when I looked at the layout, I didn’t have the heading or the most important part of the copy at the top. I didn’t have a good strategic order for each section and element.  So I didn’t have a good layout.

Because the attention span of the content consumers is so short if you don’t capture them right away you’re going to lose a lot of them.

 And this takes about literally two seconds. They made surveys about this and it is really like within seconds.

It’s easy to hit that X and get out of the page. Make sure that the mobile users and tablet users are able to understand clearly what this offer is for as soon as they visit the page.

Make sure to check the layout of your landing page or opt-in page for mobile or tablet

 Make sure to optimize the design of the page.

Optimize the design for your user. This will make a difference in your conversion rate as well.

 Since, there are so many users now on their cell phones and not as many on their desktop, especially if you’re sending traffic from social media this is important.

 Most people are on their cell phones while on social media and they go ahead and look at your page from their cell phone or tablet.

So what was one thing that you learned new in this article?

Let me know in the comments.

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