B2B Content Marketing Strategies for Leads and Conversions

B2B Content Marketing Strategies

B2B Content Marketing Strategies; We all know that “content is the king” when it comes to search, but is it still the king when it comes to the other aspects of digital marketing? The answer to that is YES. Even when it comes to B2B, content marketing is quite effective. Wondering what B2B content marketing is? It is discussed below:

B2B Content Marketing Strategies


B2B content marketing is the art of producing and spreading content for increasing brand awareness, reach, leads and even sales for the B2B companies. This is why you need a niche. Blogging is one of the most popular and common ways of content marketing. Other methods include podcasting, vlogging, email newsletters, and infographics.

What Makes Content Marketing Strategies Important for B2B Companies?

The answer to this question is simple. Content marketing out of all the other marketing strategies has a great ROI. According to the data provided by statistics, 30% of marketers consider content marketing to produce the highest ROI across any channel.

This is also why 91% of the B2B marketers use the content for spreading their business message. This blog post shares some of the best content marketing strategies which any business can apply to generate potential leads and then convert them into sales.

We all know that content is the driving force behind the traffic and leads. But how does it convert? Well, that’s because publishing content on a regular basis grabs customers’ attention. It also builds your voice as an expert which in turn builds trust. Authority & Trust in customers’ minds finally turn them into sales.

If you are interested in starting a content marketing strategy for your business, here are the B2B content marketing strategies you should be focusing on:

Publishing Niche Relevant Research and Studies

Industry research and content is the best type of B2B content to create. That is because people don’t like sharing and linking to landing and squeeze pages. However, industry-relevant research and studies are a great way for people to link to. People like sharing and linking to it, Google loves it and this helps your social media and SEO in the long run. SEO and Social Media then bring in the leads later on. Give real facts and data in your research and be transparent about everything.

B2B Content Marketing Strategies

Sending Weekly Newsletters

According to a Content Marketing Institute survey, 31% of B2B businesses generate leads through email newsletters. Email newsletters are a great way to grow your B2B business. The emails can also be used for generating leads and then converting them into sales.

A newsletter gets your brand in front of thousands of people each week. It is a constant reminder of your business’s existence. Over time, this has the potential to generate more sales. Many customers eventually decide to sign up for a trial period after reading a few email newsletters that convinced them to do so.

Sharing Content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a popular social network for B2B companies. The great thing about LinkedIn is its organic reach. Compared to Facebook and other networks, it still helps you reach people organically. Linkedin is by far the most untapped network you will find for marketing today.

Videos and articles are both forms of content that do well on LinkedIn. However, post regularly on Linkedin, just like any other network, the key is to post consistently. After publishing about 100 posts, you will be able to find the formula for making the platform work for you.

Creating Content Guides

Create content guides. Guides are a great way to increase your brand awareness. They also rank well on Google for the reason that they are linked to and shared by the readers. Choose a topic that your industry readers want to know about and write a simple but detailed guide about it. It doesn’t need to be fancy. Just write everything clearly and make it understandable for the audience.

Use Video Content for B2B

Videos are becoming the hot marketing trend. According to Hubspot, 85% of businesses rely on videos as part of their content marketing strategy. Many people commonly believe that videos are for B2C but that is not true. Videos are powerful even when it comes to the B2B marketing strategy. In fact, 53% of tech-focused B2B buyers review videos as the most useful form of content. This indicates that videos are the untapped form of content when it comes to B2B marketing.

 That’s mainly due to the fact that people prefer to publish blog posts and reports that come under the written form of content. Even though no one can deny the importance of traditional blog posts, guides and reports, adding videos to your content marketing strategy would surely reap more rewards and would take it to the next level.

Promoting Content via Email

Creating content is one part. Promoting it is another. In the B2B industry, most of the social networks such as Pinterest and Instagram don’t work that well. However, traditional email media has the capacity to get the message across to a serious-looking business audience. You just need to send and share your outreach emails to relevant bloggers and journalists for covering your industry. Then reply to the ones that are interested in sponsoring you. Once they do, share an email with your network containing the link to that blog post.

You can share your own content through regular emails and promote it via the outreach email campaign.

Targeting Commercial Intent Keywords

Keywords are important, but recently the intent of a specific keyword has become even more important. By targeting commercial intent keywords, you will be able to focus on the audience that wants to buy from you.

Finding commercial intent keywords is not difficult. Just choose your competitor site and run it through some tools to find the different keywords it ranks for. Filter the keywords according to the highest CPC.

The higher the CPC, the more the potential of its commercial intent. In other words, a keyword with a high CPC has a high commercial intent. This means that people who click on those terms are likely to turn into sales which is what makes the bid high against those terms.

Use of some of the above-mentioned B2B content marketing strategies for driving leads and then converting those leads into sales for your business!

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