9 Ways to Promote Your Business in Summers

Let’s talk about how to Promote Your Business in Summers.

Summer, like the other weather seasons, is full of great marketing and branding opportunities for businesses. The business boom during the season varies from one industry to another. But still, instead of waiting for the competitors to make the first move, you will have to become active and come up with creative ideas to grab your customer’s attention.

Here are some tried and tested ways through which you can promote your business during the summers, so let’s get started:

Ways to Promote Your Business in Summers

Track Popular Days & Holidays

Similar to Winters that hosts Black Friday and the mighty Christmas Season, Summer also has main holidays that you can target: Memorial Day, 4th July, and Labor Day. You can market your business around these days to fetch the extra number of sales you have been long eyeing for.

All you need to do is to grab your customers’ attention and once you have done it, you would only see the sales graph going upwards.

In case you miss one holiday such as Memorial Day, focus on the other two days and market around them.

Come up with great discount deals to offer on these holidays and choose a packaging theme that gives a summery feel.


Travel Picture Content via Social Media

According to a survey by AAA, 35% of Americans love taking a vacation of a minimum of 50 miles from home during the summer season. How is this relevant? Well, you can arrange travel photo content to create brand awareness. This would automatically increase brand engagement and your social media followers.

You only need to work around creating a creative yet memorable hashtag that your targeted audience would use across the social media of your choice. With the help of that hashtag, your customers would be sharing their best travel photos.

You can even request the customers to put your product in the picture. The incentive for doing so could be some discount or tickets to a popular summer event.

Make it Fun for Your Customers

Most of the big names in the market take their customers to a famous sporting event or some other entertainment place. However, this doesn’t mean that it is only limited to the big names in the market. You as a small business owner can also do the same for your customers.

For example, you can host a community-wide picnic at some local park with the help of a local restaurant. This would help to build goodwill for your brand among your customers while directly marketing it.

Consider customer entertainment as a tax deduction by stating your business purpose clearly. Also, don’t forget your big clients and partners at the event. Include them in the event to create a strong business bond.

Attending Local Events

Summer is the time of the year when most of the events take place. Keep a track of popular events happening near you. Use the conventional flyer marketing technique to hand out the flyers at the entrance of that event for your products or services. However, the best thing to do is to align your business niche with the summer event. For instance, a local food festival is a great way to promote your catering business.

What about Some Giveaways?

This may sound like a common marketing method, but the reason it is common yet popular is that it works so well. Giveaways are a great way for grabbing customer attention and engagement with your brand. You just need to work on a summer theme or the giveaway to work. This is one of the best ways to make the most out of the summer season.

Many people also plan for holidays during the summers. To make it further fun for them, you can target your giveaway around some gadget such as an iPad or Kindle to make for a good trip companion. This would also increase the customer excitement.


Host Your Event

If you are not able to find an event in your vicinity, try hosting one on your own. This is a great way to increase your business exposure to your potential customers. Keep the event theme relevant to your business niche and weather. For example, if your business is related to fitness and health, then hosting an event such as a yoga session at the beach would do the job for you.

You can also partner up with another local business owner to host a combined event for boosting your business. For example, if you run a soda company, you can team up with a local restaurant to host a soda tasting event with complementary foods.

Network Around & Attend Business Events

Networking and making connections with like-minded business owners and potential customers is key to marketing any business effectively. Check out the events that are taking place in your vicinity and do your best to participate in them. This way you will be able to meet potential business mentors and partners who may help you soon.

 In case, there are not many events taking place, don’t sweat over it. Find something informal to organize on your own at a great scenic location such as the beach or a hillside etc. You will get something out of it.

Target the Vacationers

Although this may only apply to vacation spots, if you run a business on a famous vacation spot, then make the most of it. Give the holidayers and vacationers something to come and check you out. Run some ideas such as discounts on showing an out-of-country ID etc. You can even invite the local tourists and residents. Arrange a special deal for the locals who come in with an out-of-town or a foreign friend.

Choose SEO to market your website in the local search results. Since many of the tourists would be using their phones for finding the places they want to visit. You can team up with the local restaurant or hotels to share your flyers and brochures in their buildings.

Seasonal Freebies are Just Love

In case you have excessive seasonal inventory in stock, you can start with seasonal freebies. Giving customers some freebies would not just help you deplete your stock but would also help familiarize customers with the product inventory.

You can give freebies as a reward for a specific amount of purchase or items. For example, for a clothing company, you can award freebie flip-flops with swimsuits. If you run a service-based business, offer a free consultation or a trial for specific days of your services and offer freebies as merchandise (Branded T-shirts, Caps, and other essentials).


Summers are here and you can’t wait any longer to promote your business. Choose all or some of the marketing strategies shared above. You would end up making a good amount of sales even if your business faces a lull during the summer season. Don’t wait and get started today!

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